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Balanceā€¦ the body of my art attempts to visualize levels of living experience. I believe, our lives are not a set of easily defined givens, but a complex of experiences that require responses that reflect who we are.

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2013 — Viridian Gallery, New York, (group exhibit)

2012 — School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, (group exhibit and sale)

2012 — Viridian Gallery, New York, (group exhibit)

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“Convinced that art is a tool for self-discovery and clarification of life experience, Melzack uses it as such in his teaching, if art reveals self, Melzack comes through as an individual of humor, eclectic whimsy and imagination, and a consummate draftsman to boot… At quick perusal, Melzack’s imagery looks like a Joan Miro rip-off. But prolonged inspection reveals, in ever more minute detail, that this artist has syntaxes and geography’s all his own.”

– Marty Carlock
Writes for Art New England, Public Art Review other publications. She is the author of “A Guide to Public Art in Greater Boston” published by Harvard Common Press.

“I kept coming back most often to the work by Jeffrey Melzack, his finely wrought images hover, like Paul Klee’s or Escher’s… his world here is dreamlike, full of trap doors and stairs that lead nowhere… There’s a quietly upside-down, inside out enchantment going on that feels exactly right, as if this is what you came to art for in the first place…”

– Dorsey Post, The Dorsey Post
Review of Viridian Gallery group exhibit “Disconnected Realities”

“Melzack uses colored pencil, watercolor and oils in landscapes and symbolic objects that evoke magical and whimsical worlds reminiscent of the works of Joan Miro and Paul Klee. For Melzack art serves as a means of self-discovery, and one of his interests is in freezing those moments of anticipation and decision, when it is clear that events are about to unfold…”

– Milva DiDomizio, The Boston Globe
Review of Melzack solo exhibit “Art of An Invented Language”