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“Remembrance, What Have We Learned?”

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Remembrance, What Have We Learned?

The Meaning

The Hebrew letters throughout the painting spell “Zakor”, the Hebrew word for remembrance. The images in the painting represent loss,the loss of individuality (the yellow star which had to be worn by every Jew over 6 years old, non-compliance met with death), loss of livelihood (sewing machine), loss of common possessions (eye glasses, a shoe and an open suitcase with all possessions stolen), and the child’s doll. The doll representing the death of the innocent children. Over a million. Children, whose only crime was being a Jew.

Today we still experience the death and stolen lives of innocent children. The kidnapped girls in Nigeria, the Pakistani slaughter of children at their school, the attack and murder of children by the Taliban, and the use of children as suicide bombers. Again I ask, what have we learned?


– “Remembrance, What Have We Learned?”, 36″ x 36″
– Oil/Canvas
– 2015